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11/14/16: Mac OS Sierra has introduced a new complexity in terms of downloading the ArchiveXojo app. The first time that you launch the application, it has to be in the Applications folder. After that initial launch, if you prefer, you can place it somewhere else.

If you attempt an initial launch outside of the Applications folder, you will get an error message about ArchiveXojo being locked. This all has something to do with new security features in Sierra.

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Archive Xojo System


Archive Xojo System is the composite of several things. It is a version control system. It is a project documentation tool. It is a central code repository making it easy to find and reuse code created in any of your Xojo projects.

Archive Xojo System stores code, as it is being developed, into an independent text file. At intervals, you can bring the content of this text file into the ArchiveXojo database.

Storing all your code changes as you work, the use of Archive Xojo System removes some of the anxiety inherent in making code changes.

What if there is come bad Xojo crash during development session? Well, you have your code saved as text files. What if you embraced some new idea and enthusiastically set about refactoring existing code and then realized that it was a bad idea? Well, you have a bread crumb trail that basically allows you to back up from what turned out to be a mistake.

This is a great comfort and enhances your ability to be agile and move quickly with development. You can go back to any previous version of an individual bit of code.

Archive Xojo System is also a resource. All your old code from all your projects is available in one place for possible reuse in new projects. Refactoring old code and reusing old code is part and parcel of being a Xojo programmer. The ArchiveXojo database has all the tools of a database to find and grab bits of your previous work.

Archive Xojo System relies on AppleScript for a part of its functionality so is provided only for users of the Mac.

The ArchiveXojo database comes as an “empty” database. You fill it with your code from any or all of your Xojo projects.

What is Provided with Application Download

Archive Xojo System is provided as a zip file from Bearboat. That zip files contains:

  1. ArchiveXojo Database
  2. Xojo IDE script (FormatCode) to “pretty format” the code in the foremost Xojo window (Cowgar)
  3. Xojo IDE script (GrabAndAppend) to place code from the foremost Xojo window into the Clipboard along with a small amount of metadata. It fires up the AppleScript (CaptureXojoCode) and passes this information on to that script.
  4. AppleScript file (CaptureXojoCode) does some further processing, and finally appends the code and metadata to the XojoInfo.txt text file.

You can obtain your copy of ArchiveXojo under Download Application in the panel on the left. I hope that if you use the program at all that you will register by sending a brief note to rlivingston@me.com acknowledging that you have downloaded ArchiveXojo.

If you register, I can notify you of any upgrades. It helps me to have some notion of how many copies of the program are being used. Your email address will not be used for spam or verbose communications. This program is free.

Recent Updates

August 25, 2016 — Prior update

September 06, 2016 — Prior update

September 25, 2016 — Prior update

September 30, 2016 — Prior update

November 13, 2016 — Prior update

December 09, 2016 — Current update

In general, if you are updating an old copy of ArchiveXojo, review the document Upgrading Archive Xojo to transfer your existing data to the new version of the program. The update between Nov 13 and Dec 09, 2016 an exception. The ONLY change is in the AppleScript file – CaptureXojoText. If you are doing this update, you need only to replace your copy of CaptureXojoText with the newer version. This change was to fix an intermittent problem where the text encoding of XojoInfo would be MacRoman rather than UTF-8.

The newest version of the internal help information is (160930HelpUpdate.txt). If you have not done so previously, download this file. Open ArchiveXojo and go to Misc>>User Preference Update Tab to import the data in this file after it is downloaded.


Author: Robert Livingston
Company: Bearboat
Email: rlivingston@me.com

I would like to improve this archiving system and stamp out any bugs and improve the documentation. All communication is appreciated. One trouble with “free” software is that many users tread lightly. They do not feel entitled to complain or mention bugs. Frequently, they will just move on.

I would much prefer that users be more engaged and write. Bugs can be dealt with which improves the experience for everyone. Areas of confusion in the documentation can be clarified.

I cannot always address every suggestion, but I like to hear them.

If you have run into some problem Write
If you have a suggestion Write
If you have any comment, favorable or disparaging Write

Email me with any comments or problems.